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Lakeside Polymer Services – Primers for Plastisols

Posted on: 12/21/2017

Lakeside Polymer Services offers a variety of primers, when adhesion of plastisol to metal is required.  Lakeside Polymer Services offers solvent and water-based primers.  Two types of solvent based primers are available, one that requires a pre-bake and the other which does not require a minimum pre-bake temperature for substrate adhesion.  The non pre-bake primer […]

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Mark Durana joins Lakeside Polymer Services

Posted on: 04/10/2017

Lakeside Polymer Services is pleased to announce that Mark Durana has joined our staff.  Mark brings over 30 years of chemical sales experience including over 20 years in the polymer arena.  Experience in selling and recommending specialty PVC resins manufactured by Borden Chemicals & Plastics, Formosa Plastics and Mexichem (GEON) will help aid customers in […]

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Plating Rack Plastisol/Primer Systems

Posted on: 02/02/2016

Plating Rack Plastisol/Primer Systems Our current and previous companies have supplied plating rack plastisol and primer systems for in excess of 50 years. Plating rack failure can be caused by a number of issues. A major contributor is the shrinkage and associated cracking of the vinyl film accompanied by the failure of the vinyl/primer/metal adhesive […]

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Lakeside Polymer Services Continues to Grow

Posted on: 02/01/2016

Lakeside Polymer Services continues to grow and add personnel to better serve our customers. Lakeside Polymer Services continues to be the industry benchmark for technology and quality, combining the manufacturing ability of Lakeside Plastics, the customer knowledge of Polymer Services & Innovations and the premier technologies of both companies. Lakeside Polymer Services offers the unparalleled […]

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Joint Venture Announced

Posted on: 07/05/2004

Lakeside Plastics and Polymer Services & Innovations are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture, Lakeside Polymer Services, to take advantage of the combined capabilities of the personnel of both companies. Lakeside Polymer Services will manufacture and market plastisols and organosols for customers nationwide. Established in July, 2004, Lakeside Polymer Services manufactures and […]

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