Plastisol and organosol manufacturing and marketing for customers nationwide.
Competitive prices and short lead times

Lakeside Polymer Services custom formulates cost-effective plastisols for a wide range of industries and markets. We offer plastisols to meet or exceed exacting customer specifications for many applications, including dip coating, rotational molding, fabric coating, open/closed cavity molds, and slush molding. Additionally, our technical staff can develop plastisols with unique and complex specifications, such as ASTM, Military specifications and the Automotive industry. With over 150+ years of combined experience in the plastisol market, Lakeside Polymer Services strives to be the industry benchmark for technology and quality, creating long term relationships with our customers and valued partners.

Dip Coating/Molding

Protective caps, tool handle grip, exercise equipment handles,electrical connectors, boots, bellows, clip & clamp coating

Rotational Molding

Balls, squeeze toys, dolls, anatomical models, automotive arm/head rests, medical parts,boat fenders

Fabric Coating

Banners, inflatables, tarps, awnings, signage

Open Molding

Automotive firewall seals, gaskets, air filters

Slush Molding

Protective footwear, automotive shift boots


Solvent and Water-based