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In the unprocessed state, PVC particles are suspended in a liquid plasticizer which flows as a liquid. When the liquid plastisol is heated to 140-175F, the plastisol starts to gel and turn solid.  The resin particles start to swell by absorbing the plasticizer turning it into a solid gel.  At this point the plastic is dry and crumbly with poor physical characteristics.  At around 280F, partial fusion occurs where the plasticizer begins to dissolve the PVC polymer.  At this point the plastic has minimal physical strength.  At around 350F, the plasticizer and PVC dissolve each other and fusion occurs, yielding full physical strength.  The techniques to process plastisols vary greatly.

Lakeside Polymer Services custom formulates cost effective plastisols to meet customer specific specifications. Lakeside Polymer Services offers plastisols for many applications including; dip coating, rotational molding, fabric coating, open/closed cavity molds, and slush molding.  With over 200+ years of combined experience in the plastisol market, Lakeside Polymer Services focuses on creating long term relationships with our customers and valued partnerships.

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